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I am also known as Prax or Meibatsu!

I am a Canadian living in Toronto~! After many years in academic pursuits, I still angst a lot about what I want to do with my life. It's pretty much come down to working stress-free low-level jobs to pay the bills and fund my dream of just making art and telling whatever stories I like.

I like art and humour and interesting stuff. Feel free to ask me anything or whatever!
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The Golden Gauntlet, Henri III of France’s armour (details), c.1550

The Golden Gauntlet, Henri III of France’s armour (details), c.1550

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Less than 24 hours left to pledge to the Starfighter Visual Novel Kickstarter!  

This is it!

Made it so far!
What is the 140k goal???

Look at all these amazing protraits of me I got back in return! :DDDDD !!!

I may do a similar request thing for tumblr, DA, and SerensForest eventually as a way of “giving back” to those communities.

Batch 41-50!!!
The last batch of my portraits of NeoGAF members!

The last one is for AcridMeat—I THINK it’s supposed to be him cosplaying? Not sure~ xD

It’s obvious I spent a little more time on this one because I was actually his secret santa and I intended to send him mail but.. OMG I AM SO BAD AT SENDING MAIL. q___q I will when I eventually have the motivation to, so until then, I hope he likes it!

So I finally decided to read some stuff and figure out what the North and South Nodes meant (mostly forgot a lot of it already, but I’m sure it’s seeding itself somewhere in my brain lol).

And I found out I have this REALLY ANNOYING configuration where everything points to: you want to chillax at home, but you have to work hard. Really hard. And you know it won’t be fun for you.

And then I have Chiron conjunct with my North Node and apparently that means “screw you, this uncomfortable life lesson? Well it’s even more uncomfortable and difficult”, which is bad enough in itself because it has to do with communicating and “putting myself out there” to people, but it also forms the apex to what is called Yod.

The supporting players in my Chiron-led Yod (1st house, gemini) are Jupiter (8th house, capricorn) and Saturn (6th house, scorpio—mars AND pluto in 6th for more work emphasis!). And that to me is a giant “F U you got something to reveal/teach to the world so you better work hard to do it because it’s your destiny!!!!”

And basically I am scared of dealing with people and I don’t want to lead anyone and this is my worst nightmare as exactly foretold that it would be. But my true dream and passion is to be able to tell people cool stories with my art and ideas and inspire them to lead good and passionate lives. xD

Help me this is the worst.





More Facts.

Well, now I feel better about how creepy my yard looks after not mowing for a month.

The dolls on the “Isle of Dolls” were actually placed there by a single man, who hoped to pacify the drowned girl’s spirit by hanging the dolls from the trees in her honor.

He eventually drowned, in the very same canal that had taken the girl’s life.

Is nobody going to mention the thousands of spiders all having a bonfire?

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I make terrible use of my canvas LOL I just make huge canvases JUST IN CASE YOU KNOW >_>

OC Khira!

Damn doodling at night sucks since boogs wakes me up.

This was how we were/are drafting Desert Queens because I don’t know how to draft a comic. lol

One column is the page number, one if for dialogue and sound effects and clarification fo actions that are happening, one column for extra notes or additions that need to be made, and one for really rough draft of the page.

This one page actually turned into 2 pages when it was finalized. >__>
So basically the ~45 pages I have scripted will likely turn into 100 for pacing.

I have a separate sketchbook where I drafted all the pages and hand-wrote most of the dialogue to the side and then re-typed it up for better oragnization/communication with my collaborator~

What is this, why it it so bad. Avrillllllll




I’m itching for discussion - anyone have astro related questions they want answered?


What you’ve described of him suits the placements you’ve chosen :) honestly just go on astro.com and mess with dates and times until the chart looks right… it’s a guideline to understand the mental processes of the character, it doesn’t need to suit another universe/planet to be accurate and useful to you!

I already tried and gave up because after a few tries I kept quietly sobbing about why there isn’t a site where I can plug in planets in aspects/signs I want and it will tell me if there was ever a time on earth that did or will happen or if it is all possible.

That’s probably the part about astrology that frustrates me the most. I just want a possibly impossible combination to be possible given the orbits of all the planets and how they synchronize and I dunno how to check because I am not a computer programmer who can create simulations. XD

Why does possibility/plausibility in this case even matter? I have no clue….. //mercuryinvirgo